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1. We are currently accepting appointments for health screening from 9.15AM to 11.15AM. However, we encourage you to make an appointment as we may not be able to accept clients without appointments if the clinic is operating at peak capacity. We seek your understanding on this matter..
我们目前正在接受从9.15AM到11.15AM进行健康检查的预约。 但是,我们建议您进行预约,因为如果诊所的高峰期运营,我们可能无法接受没有预约的客户。 我们寻求您对此事的理解。

2. You may be eligible for vaccination subsidies of between 50-90%.
您可能有资格获得50-90%的补贴。 For more detailed information on your subsidy eligilibity, please visit here.

3. For enquiries, please email or contact 88771706 through WhatsApp.

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You may be eligible for vaccination subsidy of between 50-90%. Click here to find out more.
Toa Payoh branch is located on the second floor and requires stair climbing. Toa Payoh slots are only available on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.
We only accept appointments from Monday to Saturday.