Blood Serology Test Booking (for Covid-19 vaccination records update)

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More information / 更多详情

1. We are currently accepting appointments for Anti-S Test. We accept walk ins from 9am to 2PM. However, booking an appointment would allow us to make your visit shorter. If the clinic is busy, we may also require you to make an appointment on another day for a better experience.
1. 我们正接受Anti-S测试的预约申请。为了减少在诊所的等候时间,请您提交预约申请。 无提前预约者也可从早上9点至下午2点到本诊所进行检测。

2. Cost of the Anti-S Test is $58.80. All prices are inclusive of GST.
2. Anti-S测试的费用为新币$58.80。 所有价格均包括消费税。

3. For enquiries, please email or contact 88771706 through WhatsApp.
3. 如有疑问,请发送电邮至 或WhatsApp 至88771706.

We look forward to hearing from you.

About Vaccination Records Updating Process / 关于疫苗接种记录更新过程

1. Blood serology test results will be out within 2-3 days.
1. 血清检则会在2-3天内出结果。

2. Clinic will update the National Immunisation Registry record if the result is positive. Results will not be emailed.
2. 结果不会通过电子邮件发送。结果成阳性的话,诊所将更新国家免疫登记记录.

3. Vaccination records will be reflected on the HealthHub app (3 - 7 working days) and TraceTogether App (up to 14 working days).
3. 疫苗接种记录将反映在HealthHub应用程序 (3-7个工作日) 和TraceTogether应用程序(14个工作日)

Your details / 个人资料

Only if Identification Number is not available.

Your appointment / 预约详情

Only listed vaccines are recognized by MOH. / 卫生部仅认可列出的疫苗.