Yishun Clinic: Central 24-HR Clinic (Yishun)

Our Yishun Clinic is open 24 hours, 365 days a year. Should the clinic not answer your phone call, we seek your kind understanding to try again shortly as our doctor and clinic assistants may be busy with patients in the clinic. In the event that we may be closed due to any unforeseen circumstances, we will update Google Maps and this page.

Central 24-HR Clinic (Yishun)
Address 701A Yishun Ave 5, #01-04, Singapore 761701
Opening Hours 24 Hours (on all weekdays, weekends, eves of PHs and PHs)
Phone 6759 7985
Fax 6759 7984
Nearest Public Transport / Amenities Bus Services: 856, 859, 858, 969, 171, 800, 811
Nearest MRT: Yishun
Nearby Districts: Ang Mo Kio, Thomson, Sembawang
Nearest Hospitals: Khoo Teck Puat Hospital

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the waiting time long?

We understand patients may be unwell and we aim to minimize their waiting time and discomfort as much as possible.

For patients who have been prescribed medication, our staff double checks the medications prescribed to each patient. As this is a process involving patient safety, we have to be careful and may be the reason why you experience a longer waiting time.

At times, we also experience manpower shortage. This is a prevalent issue with many Singaporean businesses, and our team constantly works hard to keep our clinics adequately staffed.

Our staff members regularly work at night and on occasions, may have to multi-task between registration, triage, dispensing and answering patient enquiries. With matters related to patient safety, our staff requires time to properly dispense their duties and this may take some time.

On the flip side, most patients experience waiting time between 5 to 15 minutes during off-peak hours.

We seek your kind understanding on this matter and will work as quickly as we can to help make your visit as pleasant as can be.

Why is your consultation so expensive at times?

As a 24-hour clinic, we have a variety of fees pegged to the time of registration & consultation. This helps to make our fees more affordable, depending on the time a patient arrives at.

During extended hours or public holiday hours, we have to bear additional costs as with other businesses which operate extended hours or 24 hours. Much of these costs include overtime salary costs used to remunerate our staff who make an effort and certain sacrifices to staff the clinic late.

As such, we seek your kind understanding on this matter. You may also contact our clinic to enquire about the consultation charges before heading down.

Why are your clinics closed on a certain timing despite being a 24-hour clinic?

There are times when we lack manpower and will have no choice but to close the clinic for a short period of time.

We endeavor to update our website and Google Maps information when this happens. We encourage you to call the clinic before going down.

We seek your kind understanding on this matter.

Why does the clinic refer me to A&E for certain conditions?

The attending doctor has the discretion to refer certain conditions to A&E, especially when he or she feels that it is in the patient's best interests to be seen at A&E. This may include (but are not limited to): serious burns or trauma where more specialized care needs to be accorded to the patient.