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Central 24-HR Clinic Group is a Healthier SG Clinic.

Central 24-HR Clinic Group is proud to be part of the Healthier SG initiative, which is spearheaded by the Ministry of Health (MOH), and embodies Singapore's proactive stance on preventive health. Emphasizing early action, this initiative encourages Singaporeans to actively manage their health, stave off chronic diseases, and adopt healthier lifestyles with robust support systems.

At the heart of Healthier SG is the relationship between individuals and their family doctors. Every Singaporean is empowered to work closely with their chosen family doctor, developing personalized health plans and ensuring they partake in recommended health screenings and vaccinations. Through this collaboration, the initiative strives to provide all-rounded care and foster a lifelong commitment to well-being.

Enjoy highly subsidized chronic care for consultations such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes.
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Central 24-HR Clinic Group is a Healthier SG Clinic.

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